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California Buckeye flower Gardening resources are helpful to both the casual and the avid gardener.

New ideas, projects, products and plants enhance the enjoyment of your home.

Whether gardening for you is a means to an end, or an ongoing passion, questions always arise. No one person or resource can address all these concerns.

Gardeners are unique. Your tastes are varied. Your needs are many. Planning and decisions can be difficult when your choices rely on information that is overwhelming or lacking.

As I locate quality, useful websites on various garden topics, I'll list them here.

Hopefully these sources of additional gardening ideas will make a contribution to your total gardening satisfaction. That is my overall objective with this lawn care site.

Can you name the plant that produces this 12" long flower clump? ***



1. Have you heard of Mike McGroarty, also known as 'Mike the Dumb Ole Dirt Farmer'? His website,, rightly suggests that his emphasis is on plant propagation, but Mike's articles cover a wide range of gardening topics. He shares my style of giving not only a step-by-step guide, but also the reasons why you should do or not do a certain technique. His knowledge is extensive and well presented.

If you go to Mike's site, be prepared that he is a bit 'in-your-face' with offering his home-business/backyard-growers opportunity. Just look past that to get the meat of his articles. When you follow his link, you'll see his newsletter offering front-stage. Check out the garden articles listed on the left hand margin. Just keep scrolling down and see the wide variety of topics. Unfortunately there is no order by alphabet or topic, but the prize for scrolling down is better than you get from CrackerJack! You can also access a directory (smorgasbord style!) if you click on the link "Contact Mike". You won't get Mike, but you will get more info.

(By the way, I did order his material for setting up a home nursery business, and the quality is there for anyone interested. But do check into your local business codes and nursery regulators to find out if any restrictions might hinder your freedom to pursue that path.)

2. 20 Insanely Clever Gardening Tips And Ideas This is a simple slide show of ideas. I found half of them to be useful for my garden. See what they can do for you!


BUYER BEWARE! --- is a collective venture of nine of the largest producers and distributors of home gardening stock.

I previously ordered from them, and recommended them on this site. NO LONGER!

I have removed my former endorsement of them, effective April 2014.

An order I placed from them, for seed potatoes, took one month to arrive. More than a third of the spud sets were rotten, and I suspect the others have been contaminated and will also succumb.
I emailed their customer service, and expected that they could immediately send out replacement product or offer a refund.

No! They are standing by their written guarantee which requires that I send back to them the shipping label from the package before they do anything.
I could accept that arrangement if I had a plant that expired in the ground after a few months, since they have a one year guarantee.
But from my perspective, they never fulfilled their end of the contract. I did not receive viable product as ordered.
Following their protocol, if the second shipment takes as long, by the time I get any potatoes in the ground, it will be 9-10 weeks out from my original order. This misses the best growing time in my area. (I expected the order in 2 weeks -- my experiences with them in previous years.)

SO BUYER BEWARE! DO NOT ORDER FROM "DIRECT GARDENING' unless you are prepared to be disappointed and aggravated.


BUYER BEWARE! --- Gardens Alive! is a supplier of gardening products developed from an environmentally wholesome perspective.

I previously endorsed this company. I no longer recommend them.
No horror stories here in my personal experience. But the company is receiving a high percentage of NEGATIVE REVIEWS in other online venues.

If any of you know of sources for plants and garden supplies --- companies who are providing quality material and excellent customer service, at any price point, share with us.
Use the Contact Me page, and pass on your suggestions. I will check them out.


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Contact us with any questions or comments you may have about this site, or gardening topics in general. I'll be glad to help any way I can, including making referrals to other websites.
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*** Editor's Note: The flower photo at the top of the page is from a California Buckeye tree. These foot-long flower stalks cover the tree as it comes out of dormancy, prior to any foliage. Impressive canopy! Contact me for seeds.

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