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EDITOR'S NOTE, Spring  2021:

Your garden may or may not be growing, but I realize problems crop up at any time. I have been taking a sabbatical for an extended period, in order to get a few things under control on the home-front, and to do a bit of reorganizing with the layout and features of this site.

I will be able to respond to your questions starting on April 1, 20201 Please feel free to inquire now if you have a general question that is not of a time-sensitive nature. I will follow up as soon as I am able.

Thanks for your understanding and your support of the Garden Counselor site. We're not going away, just getting recharged. 

We welcome your questions!

Eventually... very aspect of lawn care will have detailed information and instructions provided on this site. Until we get to that point, we want to be available to help you with specific problems you face right now.

Send us a note. Tell us what struggles you encounter, what seems to be going wrong, where you might be confused.

P.S. -- Include your geographic location if that might be relevant to the question or answer. Details about your situation are helpful, so I can better understand the issue. (The text entry box in the form will expand as you write.)

We value your feedback!

How are your lawn projects developing? Tell us what you discover: the good, the bad, and the unknown about your grass!

Also, please help make the Garden Counselor site accurate and efficient. If you find mistakes, typo errors, and especially broken links, we would greatly appreciate knowing about them.

What do you think of the Lawn Care site? What would you like to see included soon? How can we help?

Thank you for being a part of this effort!

Oh my...  The waiting line lengthens...

Do contact us if you are unable to find the info you need within the site. But before you do... Please use this SITE SEARCH option to check your topic first against all pages in the site that mention your keyword. (An example: the term "poison" is found in 16 different articles on this site. I had no idea!)


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The volume of mail we receive is significant. Consequently, we cannot promise an immediate reply, much as we would like to jump right on it. We'll respond as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Help me handle more mail more quickly --- Be specific with your request and include enough details so I can help you.
(Requests such as "The stuff I used didn't work, what should I spray my weeds with?" will be ignored, since I don't have time to make guesses about your situation and cover every possible scenario. Thanks.

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