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How’s Your Green Thumb?

where do you put more plants

  • Do you try to rescue every new plant you see at the local nursery, and then wonder where to put it in your garden?
  • Or is your greatest gardening accomplishment keeping your house plants alive from one Mother’s Day to the next?
  • Perhaps you just wish there was an easier way to get through the gardening chores or prevent problems?
  • Do you have a friend who could use some gardening tips?
  • Welcome!

    We have a lot to talk about! Let’s meet on a regular basis. This is what we’ll do:

    • Have a good time discussing how plants grow and why sometimes they don’t.
    • Cover gardening basics to help the new gardener. If you have experience, pitch in and share what you know.
    • Discuss some more difficult topics too. You can make requests. We'll look at alternate opinions as well.
    • Broaden our horizons by: exploring new trends in the world of gardening; reviewing plants for different garden applications; and introducing great ideas for your yard and garden.
    • I'll throw in a bit of humor and a dash of perspective, just to keep the mixture fresh (or spicy?).

    The range of topics for gardening tips will be broad, but flexible. I love to teach, I love to garden, I love to help people feel good about what they do. Translation: The Plant Slant newsletter will help you enjoy gardening as much as I do!

    What Interests Do You Have?

    woman gardening using tips in the Plant Slant

    • landscape plants?
    • lawn care?
    • vegetable gardens?
    • organic gardening?
    • plants in containers?
    • controlling pests and problems?
    • being a smart gardener: saving money, time and effort?
    • other subjects or concerns?

    Your feedback will determine which categories become regular column features, and which will have occasional articles.
    So plan to keep in touch!

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