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Feast your eyes on a luxurious, emerald green lawn!
Feel the soft, cool texture of the grass beneath your feet!
Can you claim that reality, or is it still just a dream?

How do you create healthy grass and protect it? Few garden projects provide the same satisfaction as an elegant looking lawn.

You invest time, energy, and money to acquire the beauty and benefits of a grass lawn. Now you can keep it looking great!

Do you have questions about lawn care?
The Garden Counselor provides answers about maintenance, correcting problems and lawn projects. Does your lawn need minor repair or major renovation? Can you do it yourself? Discover how to make that happen!

Do You Need An Easy To Follow
Lawn Care Guide?

Get the whole story so you can grasp the fundamentals and understand the details. A proper do-it-yourself guide with explicit instructions makes all the difference!

  • learn the basics of building a gorgeous lawn fit for a queen;

  • identify sources of recurring problems in a lawn and fix them;

  • eliminate weeds, pests, diseases and don't invite them back;

  • know when to fertilize, what to use and how much to apply;

  • determine when and how to perform regular maintenance;

  • install or repair a lawn using grass seed or laying sod;

  • select a new type of grass that fits your conditions and needs;

  • repair or set up an irrigation system to save water & trouble;

  • prevent unnecessary expenses and wasted time;

  • evaluate and choose the correct lawn service company;

  • invest in appropriate garden equipment and tools.
One step at a time, all of this becomes possible... when you have a source to help you plan, prepare and perform.

Trophy Winning Turf? or
Simply Green and Keep It Simple?

One goal of the Garden Counselor is to inform you of practical alternatives. There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution. What's right for you has to be what is feasible. Are you restricted by time, energy, money or health? Then you deserve to know more than one way to deal with your lawn care issue.

Look at the information. We'll help you weigh the costs of different approaches. You evaluate the options. Then make a choice that works!

That's your path to success with lawn care! Are you ready to let the Counselor be your guide?

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