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The Story of How The Garden Counselor
Helps Himself, by Helping Others

Would you rather earn a dollar, or a compliment? Well, I like dollars as much as the next guy, but compliments are very personally rewarding. 

Hi! My name is Dan Meyers. You can read about my background at Meet The Garden Counselor. Now that my website produces a significant, consistent income, I know that the process I learned from Solo Build It (previously known as Site Build It) works, but am I helping people?

That’s my measuring stick. That was my intent when I started this venture -- to be involved with something I love and help others at the same time. 

How well am I doing? Here’s my report card:

  • Loves writing about and continuing to learn about gardening topics;
  • Has earned substantial monthly income for the past decade, enough to enjoy wonderful travel vacations every year during that time; 
  • Relaxed in my recent step into retirement due to having a supplemental income;
  • Helped a broad spectrum of individuals cope with lawn and garden problems, accomplish do-it-yourself projects, and develop environmental awareness.

Unsolicited comments are the only way I would know about the last one. So thank you very much, my wonderful site visitors! Here are a couple of examples: 

  • “After weeks of gopher anguish I found your site after searching "how to kill a gopher". I followed your tips and instructions and caught two in two days with my black hole trap. My flowers and I thank you!”
  • "...lots of good info for the turf newbee, even a few nuggets/refreshers for those of us that "know turf" ... although I'm a licensed L.A. {landscape architect}  for the public sector, no one ever believes us and we always need to get an "independant" source or verify what we're saying is true. …appreciate the site/info."

I don't bring this up to "toot my own horn", but to demonstrate that there is definitely a need for useful, relevant, practical information, and people appreciate finding that help.

A lot of folks doubted that my crazy idea of working for myself, doing something useful, in a fun way, would ever measure up. Maybe I’d be able to make more than I spent, but mostly they hoped I didn’t crash too hard. 
Now more and more people are wondering if they can go the same kind of crazy!

If you have ever thought about how nice it would be to spend your time doing something that fits your passion, and also make money at it, then I encourage you to tune in for the next few minutes. 
Enough people have asked me to share the story of how I developed the idea and got my website going that I decided to write down a basic description. 

I doubt that this will be interesting to anyone who doesn’t entertain in the back of their mind the notion that maybe they could make something like this work for themselves.  
So that’s fair warning to you if you have limited time on the internet right now and should be finding out what’s wrong with your grass! 
Quit procrastinating and get back to your project!

The Law of Diminishing Expectations or
“I Don’t Get It!”

The first significant thing about my website business is that it almost didn’t happen. 

My hope factor had been reduced to practically zero. I once believed I could become a wealthy real estate tycoon. 
Instead, I was wishing I could make a few hundred dollars a month to stay afloat financially. 
I had little trust in my own abilities, or in my judgment, or in any of the ‘opportunities’ that popped up. 

My expectations had been decimated at the hands of fruitless ventures as an entrepreneur. I became skeptical too late and I stayed skeptical too long. I guess you could say my timing was off. 
What does that mean? I was gullible for years, when it came to believing that somehow I could develop a business of my own. 

My wife and I still have the proof of our follies:

  • books, tapes and CD’s; 
  • training manuals;
  •  demonstration kits;
  •  left-over products and gadgets;
  •  shelves full of equipment and items that didn’t sell; 
  • binders full of real estate investment worksheets; 
  • sales pitch e-mails that never drop us from their list; 
  • a huge balance on the credit card (now a distant memory, Thank God!) 
  • and the missing used-up equity from our home. 

Yeah, we were gullible, but we learned our lesson, unfortunately. 

Maybe those experiences developing "street-smarts" were the cause of disbelief when I encountered a business approach that wasn’t like all the others. 

  • It seemed to make sense, instead of empty promises. There was more than enough information and documentation to understand what was being promoted. 
  • It was not a get-rich-quick scheme; in fact they insisted that you expect and plan for a slow, deliberate process that followed proven steps to build a long-term viable business instead of a fad. 
  • And there were testimonials and case studies of real people who were succeeding, continually. It looked good. 

Well, I considered myself smarter by this time. Looked good? Maybe, but as Mr. Skeptic, I wasn’t convinced. I didn’t get it. I didn’t get how the concept could work, if everything else I had tried was a flop. It had to be a trick. Still... 
I knew the basic principle was sound. 
“Find a need and fill it.” … 
“This is how you find it.” … 
“This is how you fill it.” …

I didn’t understand. It seemed simple, yet I wondered, maybe it should be complicated. 
I would fall asleep at night thinking, “I don’t get it.” 

A year later, with my computer full of downloaded e-books that were supposed to make my day, I was still looking around, faintly hoping to stumble onto something. 

Then I found myself unemployed. Somehow I knew this would be a blessing in disguise, if it forced me to find something better to do with my talent. 
I ran across the Site Build It (Solo Build It now) material again. I signed up.

What made the difference this time? 

I was better educated. I had researched the cost of web-hosting and what features were necessary to make a website a viable business entity. 

Along the way I realized how much I didn’t know. I found a 3” thick book on HTML at a yard sale (why was the guy grinning when I bought it?) and gulped when I thought of digesting it and becoming a computer geek.

When I looked at the stuff included with Solo Build It and compared it with my notes on the cost from EVERY other source, SBI was a no-brainer. “More flavor, less filling.” 
Sorry, wrong commercial. “More features, less cost“ is what I meant to say.

SBI offered research tools, reporting tools, tracking tools, Search Engine Optimization, submittals, reminders, notices, AND did all the touchy techy necessities including the HTML. 
They offered a template system with a block builder approach that promised anyone could do it. 

Even beyond all the services, though, I think my confidence hinged on the details -- the exactness -- that SBI provided to help its people go through the process of “Building A Site”.

That’s when I “got it’.
A business needs to be built,
it doesn’t happen automatically.

Having a website is just part of having a business. I was hesitant partly because I didn’t know where I would start. 

SBI offers to make it a team effort. They provide the tools, the process, and the explanation in the form of a step-by-step Action Guide. 

I provide the thinking, the desire, and get to do the real work. They call it B-A-M. I call it a Stroke of Genius… and they’re pretty smart too!

The Action Guide made all the difference for me. Some people might look at the depth of detail in this game plan (workbook, tutorials, explanations, cautions….) and think, “I can never read all that material!” (That’s why they also offer it in a video version)

But I like to stare at the printed word, so for me, the Guide was a life-preserver in stormy waters, the light at the end of a tunnel. 
After all my failed attempts to fly, I knew I that my hopes of surviving as an entrepreneur really needed a logical, methodical way to keep on track.

It actually was easy to stay motivated, because I always knew what the next step would be and what I had to accomplish first. I realized that any income was a way off because of my slow pace, but I knew HOW it would happen. 

Wonder what is involved in setting up
and operating a web-site?

How does it actually happen? It’s fascinating to walk through the basics of the website building process, at least the way SBI lays it out. You can take a 30 minute video tour to get a behind-the-scenes look at what it would take to start up your own business, from original idea to finished product.

I spent a couple of months playing with a site concept before I decided on the niche that would become my direction and my destination. 
Many people don’t take that long. I just had so many varied options that I wanted to be thorough and examine every possibility. 

How did I know that? Remember, I’m a total novice at this point. So how did I realize that some options would not have brought in any traffic (the life blood of any web site)? 

It was in the Action Guide. I had to give up a lot of preconceived ideas and trust the experts. 

Search words about gardening have a lot of competition. Pick the wrong one as a theme for your site, and you are just one in a million, literally. 
You and I would have never met, except… Solo Build It helped me get 18 of my articles in the Top 3 positions on Google searches for that topic in just the first year!

When Did I Know It Was Going To Work?

Even as I worked on my site, and saw promising results, I still didn’t really know what to expect. I just kept following the Guide. 
The increasing traffic to my site proved that SBI’s claims were legitimate. Look at these numbers of average DAILY visits to my site:

  • June 2007 - 8
  • June 2008 - 734 
  • June 2009 - 1974
  • June 2010 - 3309
  • June 2011 - 5787
  • jump ahead to 2014 = 7176
  • jump ahead to 

And the highlight of my Solo Build It experience? 

I would have to name the day I was able to show my wife, on my computer screen, a pleasant surprise on my earnings report. 
My previous high income day had been just over $50, and that was not yet a common achievement. 

Now at 8:00 in the evening my site had earned over $74, and I had not done a lick of work that day. 
The next morning, when I checked again, the total for the day had closed out over $99. 
This was in early March, when traffic is lower because a gardening site has seasonal cycles. 

I had to admit that this impressed me -- a hundred dollars - in one day - from my very own website! 
A part-time venture based on a hobby -- my interest in gardening -- suddenly seemed like a business. 

My business. 

Solo Build It helped me BUILD a website that BUILT a business that BUILT me into a believer

This business is building the future that I want for my wife and family, the life of our choosing. 
I had no idea, looking back, what I was getting into. Now I really get it!

What About You?

Are you thinking, “Maybe that would work for me?”

Have you entertained the notion, “I’d like to have a web site.”

Do you have a web site and wonder why it is doing nothing?

Do you have a traditional business that needs visibility on the Internet?

Watch this video to get an overview of what you can expect and discover why you don’t want to just build a web site. You need to build a Web Business!

I could say a lot more about my experience of growing a business, even though I still consider mine barely out of the nest.
I just wanted to present enough to give you an accurate and fair representation of the things that make a difference if you have any notion of trying this yourself.

There is nothing like getting to the point where you see a door opening and knowing with confidence that you now have the ability, the means, the fortitude and the determination that it takes to be your own boss.
Site Build It helped me to build the path to that doorway.

Don’t hesitate, if you have any desire to pursue your dreams.
This is not a jump-on-the-bandwagon-before-it’s too-late concept.
This is an unequalled program to build your own individual life-style vehicle, one with the power to take you wherever you want to go.

Can anyone afford to wait, to trust that things are going to be just fine in the future?
Who can count on a job as being a dependable source of income or security for our families?
I’ve had to restart in the career circus three times.

There are no guarantees with an internet business either, but you’d be amazed at how many SBI customers have gone on to establish multiple sites. There is no better option to diversify your income sources.
SBI’ers get one site perfected or to a point of satisfaction, keep it going in maintenance mode (or sell it!), and then investigate new niches for fun, for profit, or for the simple reason that it is there to be built!

I told you there was no guarantee how big of an income you might make.
That’s because it depends on the niche you choose, the types of monetization models that fit with it, and the competition you face.
But if you do the work, the system will work.
You will be successful, if you make the effort. See the Solo Build It guarantee.

Do You Have Questions? That is understandable. Send an e-mail with your concerns, or talk live with a friendly, experienced SBI! user who knows the ins & outs of this format much better than I.

Thanks for listening. If this is not a direction you see for yourself, hold on to The Name = Solo Build It.

You can have the greatest confidence that WHEN someone you care about expresses a desire to be in charge of their financial future, they will thank you for this referral.

Keep this link: https://buildit.sitesell.com/how2grow.html that goes directly to the SBI introduction page.

In fact, why not send this opportunity right now to the person you know who would like to fly out of their chicken coop! Be their hero!

{Just press your “Right Click” button -- click on “Send Link” -- a new e-mail form will appear -- you can include anyone currently in your address book -- "Send It". This link will bring them to this page you are currently reading.}

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A final note, I guess as a disclaimer or just an insight into my point of view:
I thought you might be wondering, 'why would I go to such lengths describing this opportunity?' So yes, there is a bonus for anyone who directs someone to the SBI business. It is called an affiliate relationship, and pays a commission to the referral source when someone signs up. SBI is such an exemplary organization, they continue to pay that referral fee each year as a website fee is renewed. So for someone whose website concept emphasizes an affiliate program, they could build a substantial income with ongoing referrals.
That doesn't happen for me, nor am I striving to promote that angle. Most of my income comes through advertising fees paid to have a presence on my site. I deliberately keep that to a lower profile than many websites, yet it rewards me quite well. So having you sign up on my referral doesn't make my day. What I totally believe, however, is that this is a complete, proven process that can work for just about anyone who wants to take control of their income earning potential. I hope that is the message that comes through. I consider it a privilege, and a blessing, to be able to "pay it forward."
In fact, I have been so blessed by this venture, that I am willing to help anyone who wants to get started but absolutely has no way to come up with the initial capital. I'll offer that person a chance to earn enough money to get started by doing some research for me. That will give them a chance to get their feet wet in the business end of things, get their foot in the door, and get up on their own feet. Just contact me about your situation, if you have feet that are itching to get walking and working, and want to pursue this.
Thanks for listening.
May God bless you as you strive to do what is good and right.

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