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When my garden needs help, I expect lawn and garden products to offer efficiency and satisfaction. I would offer nothing less to you.

The Garden Counselor, in partnership with, carefully choses Lawn Care Supplies and Gardening Accessories to offer the right product for the right application.

Garden chemicals and equipment have so many variables, causing homeowners to guess...wait...hope... but end up disappointed.
I’m on your side, wanting to reduce wasted time, effort and money. 

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Take note of the Store Layout. The Shopping Window right above is just part of the selection. Cycle through each of the picture pages using the page numbers at the bottom of the green window.

Also browse through any of the Major Garden Categories listed higher on the page (Click Here) for helpers in specific areas. It is all part of the same store. Each of those buttons will take you to a new page with several sub-categories. Advice on various products will be offered below each Shopping Window, plus links to informative articles on that topic. 

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  • Click on any item that you want to investigate and gain access to more product information and reviews. (A click is NOT a commitment!) Return to the previous page using the Back Arrow on your browser bar. 
  • Add To Shopping Cart” any items that look promising and continue to shop. The Shopping Cart screen is a new window. When you close it, you come back to your last page viewed.
  • Click on the Cart picture anytime to review your choice of helpful garden aids/gifts and make any changes. 
    When ready to finish...  
  • Proceed To Checkout where you can again review and alter your selections before you make payment by a choice of methods, including Amazon Gift Cards. Amazon handles all the details and the process is totally secure.   
  • Free Shipping is available to anyone, when designated items total $35. Qualified products will say so in their description. 
    Or you can sign up for the Prime Program in which certain products get FREE 2-day shipping with NO minimum cost. 
    (A Prime subscription also entitles you to free downloads of Movies/TV shows and Music!)
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Why does the Garden Counselor partner with Amazon? My family and I use their service frequently. It is reliable, quick, and reversible without much difficulty. For those of us who shop online frequently, the Prime program is hard to beat!

(Plus, on-line shopping provides a means to turn this information site into a viable business for writers like me, through a small commission we collect. We thank you for your support as you utilize our connections with various vendors. Click here for my earnings disclosure.)

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  • There is also a Search Box to help find alternate products or a more extensive selection from the deep Amazon mines. (You can add products from any department to your shopping cart, which may help qualify you for Free Shipping on some items!)
  • If something specific eludes your search, or you have questions about an individual product selection or usage, feel free to contact us. Unfortunately, with the volume of requests we get, replies may not be immediate, but we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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